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Thank you for visiting the blog. This is focused on the dissemination of breaking research and provocative evidence from studies which may offer clinical benefit to individuals facing autism spectrum disorders as well as other conditions to which the content will be dedicated.

It will also focus on the emerging studies implicating the preconception status of women as well as prenatal exposures by the mother and fetus in the role of neurodevelopment.

The goal is to translate valuable research information to the public and endeavor to make a difference in the health and wellness of the individual. This can be achieved through the recognition of potential risk factors for the development of autism as well as implementing preventable measures in order to support a healthy outcome for the newborn.

2 comments on “New Site!”

  1. Fiona Zecca Reply

    Hello Dr. Traver,
    I work with young children with a variety of challenges and I am very interested in your work.
    Max Katzin and Olivia Britt, who attend my social skills groups, are your patients and their parents have raved about your work.
    I am also interested in bringing in my own children to you because it sounds like everyone could benefit from your approach :)

    • Dave Traver Reply

      I’m sorry that I didn’t get your message until today. Please send me an email to: and I can forward forms for your children. I will need their names birthdates and diagnosis/areas of concern.

      All the best you to,

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